HEL’s Activations

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Hel’s Activations

Last month we officially announced the launch of our dedicated activations division showcasing how our more integrated approach is helping our clients deliver more ‘real life’ human experiences.

But what does this mean and how is HEL’s activations spearheading a people-powered approach to live events and brand experience?

People-powered live activations have been at the heart of everything we have done for the last 20 years, as we have always been at the forefront of the emotional connection between brands and people, by providing the hand-picked staff who are often the brand storytellers for live experiences. It is this same approach that we bring to the Hel’s activations department. We understand how events work on the ground and crucially, how consumers behave in a live environment. It is this expertise that we are offering to clients, in order to bring their creative ideas to fruition

Man sampling spirit at Hel's activation event
Emotional Connections

Live activations work best when consumers are immersed in the experience of the brand.

When they can move through a space or activation it offers them an emotional connection but also something unique for them to take away and share.  Our starting point when designing live experiences is ‘What is this unique human experience?’, and we build from there.

Woman on stage at Hel's activation event

Story Telling

Through our expertise, we are able to design and execute experiences which work both emotionally and functionally, all with the consumer at the heart of the design. HEL’s activations have a focus on fulfilment and delivery, we love to help our brands tell their stories. And by focusing on the delivery of that story, we are creating immersive human-focused engagement.

Our ultimate aim is to cultivate human connections for our Brands through sensory touch points, which offer their audience a shared and unique experience of that brand’s story. Only then can you begin to create lasting connections.

Get in touch if you want to understand how we can help your brand cultivate lasting human connections through live events: hello@wearehels.com



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