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Artist dressed as The Greatest Showman

HEL’s Talent: Artists, Actors, Circus Performers, Musicians And More…

HEL’s Talent was created in response to the ongoing shift towards experiences that provide full brand immersion for clients.

Opening up a pandora’s box of artists and showcasing a wider roster of talent able to create drama and theatre for events, our books feature a breadth of talent from actors and hosts to musicians and performers. In addition, we will be representing supporting talent from make-up professionals to videographers.

All our Talent go through the same rigorous recruitment and training process as our Angels, to ensure the same standard of quality.

Depth of Character

As our digital lives expand, consumers want engaging, rich, and interactive experiences that they can share. Immersive live events create extra layers of experience for consumers and the event staff need to match the depth of the interaction. This often requires staff to be in character, have drama training or specific skills, such as playing an instrument. Scripting and rehearsing are also essential elements in creating authentic experiences and we work closely with our clients to create a narrative around each character.

Some of HEL's Talent dressed as American stereotypes for an American themed event

Creating Immersion

Companies such as Secret Cinema, Punchdrunk and Bompas & Parr have spearheaded the trend for immersive film, theatre, dining events and live experiences and brands are using these techniques to entice consumers to experience their brands. People want to be wowed, entertained and told a story and consumers now often expect a level of audience participation, providing them with both a shared and individual experience.

An actor from HEL's talent team painted blue for Bluth's event

To make a truly transportive experience, audiences crave sensory richness to make it feel authentic. And in response to this market need, our bespoke approach and network of talent allow us to work in partnership to help create these unforgettable experiences.


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