Brand Ambassador of the Year

Our Brand Ambassador Of The Year

Last week saw us attend the FMBE awards, where we were up for a Brand Ambassador of the Year award for the work we do with SSE.  Our nominated Angel, Maddie won a bronze on the night but here is why she is one of our shining stars, along with all our other Angels

Maddie, Our Brand ambassador of the year

Since 2014 Hel’s Angels has worked with SSE, providing a highly trained and engaging team of ‘Energisers’ to its flagship venue; The SSE Arena Wembley. The team of brand ambassadors provide excellent customer service, whilst also energising the SSE brand for all major events hosted at Wembley. This could be anything from giving customers directions to their seats, answering general venue queries or making them feel extra special by upgrading them to the SSE Reward Lounge. Over the course of the Energiser campaign, we have worked with SSE to implement some fantastic changes to ensure the smooth operation of each event. But perhaps the most significant and far-reaching change was when we appointed Maddie as Operations Manager. Since her appointment the following benefits have been clear:

  • Staff retention has increased, an issue which is often encountered in long-term campaigns
  • Relations with the venue team have improved, meaning our Energisers are able to move through the building more efficiently on live days
  • Her ongoing and in-depth training of the team has benefited consumer engagement and guest interaction
  • As Operations Manager she is able to take a behind-the-scenes role on live days, meaning she can seamlessly manage the team and implement any required changes
  • Her role means our client can concentrate on other matters, knowing that Maddie is their eyes and ears on the ground

Constantly seeking ways to better herself and the processes within the SSE Arena and HEL’s, Maddie has been the front runner for change, development and recruitment of the Energisers, SSE Team Leaders and internal processes. Sharon Ellis, Sponsorship Manager at SSE says of Maddie:
“Maddie is an amazing and trustworthy Operations Manager and we could not run such a successful team of Energisers without her expertise. She truly represents our brand, from her boundless energy to her impeccable communication and sets a shining example to the rest of the team.  She knows exactly what the team needs and makes sure they are looked after in order to focus on their job of providing excellent customer service to our guests at the SSE Arena. She knows the venue inside out and is our eyes and ears on the ground. She knows all the Arena staff from the security guards through to the cleaners and has such a brilliant manner with everyone she meets, which goes a long way to getting her job done successfully.  We feel totally confident in Maddie’s expertise when she is onsite and we know we and the Energisers are in safe hands when she is around.”

Maddie has been able to achieve such brilliant successes largely due to our in-house training programmes and the time we invest in training our Angels. By recognising Maddie’s talents and nurturing her development, we have created a platform for Maddie to excel which ultimately benefits both our client and ultimately the consumer. Angels like Maddie are the seamless link between the brand and the consumer, truly embodying the spirit of the brand and working consistently to deliver outstanding customer service and brand engagement.Maddie Pearce BAof the year 1FMA brand ambassador of the year award


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