People Behind The… Brand. How Our Angels Earn Their Wings

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Our Angels are our lifeblood. And it’s critically important that from the outset we select and nurture people who have the potential to fly.

So in the second blog of our series, we look at some of the things which are crucial to our staff recruitment process:


When we open our books to potential new Angels one of the most important parts of the recruitment process is meeting everyone face to face. We are always on the lookout for brand ambassadors who have the ideal mix of energy, professionalism and impeccable customer service. But beyond that, we strive to find those potential stars with the skills to handle pressure with a cool head, communicate clearly and effectively and problem-solve.

One way we evaluate potential candidate skills is to set them fun team-building challenges. Watching how everyone communicates a task tells us a lot about how these skills would transfer to a live event. Our stringent application process ensures we get the very best event staff to become our Angels.

staff training during recruitment activities

Brand ambassadors need to bring brand experiences to life, if the staff fail to embody and communicate the key values of the brand, consumers will walk away with no further insight into that brand. So we spend time and money giving our Angels ongoing training, teaching them how to make an emotional engagement and build trust with consumers. Our personable recruitment process means we handpick every Angel for every activation, meaning we are able to put the best team together for that job.


We deliberately keep our books lean, in order to offer regular work to our Angels. This builds trust and we find that event staff stay with us for longer and we then get the opportunity to nurture their talents. Many of our most experienced team leaders and event managers started with us as Angel new recruits whose skills were developed through our specialist training and mentoring programmes.

How Angels Earn Their Wings


We take time to make sure we recruit the right people with the right skills and enthusiasm for the jobs we do – we don’t employ people purely based on a look. In this way, we can guarantee our clients happy and engaged teams, who have a genuine interest in the work they do, which ultimately benefits the brand and the consumer. We believe that we are not just providing clients with ‘bodies’ who simply hand out samples, we are recruiting and training our Angels to emotionally engage with consumers to build trust and add a human touch to the brand they are representing.

Developing From Grass Roots

Our event staff have other interests, skills and qualifications, from professional actors through to cocktail bartenders. Through the recruitment process, we harness these qualities and help develop them further in order to provide added value to brand activity. And for some, events staffing is a career, meaning we can offer development and progression through our event manager program. As brands are realising the need to build relationships with their consumers, not just raise awareness, the importance of well-trained, intelligent staff who can deliver effective brand messages becomes more and more vital for live events and brand engagement programs.

How Angels Earn Their Wings


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