How To Plan A Brand Activation

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Planning A Brand Activation

Brand activations are integral to your marketing strategy. Whether you are a fledgling start-up or long established business, getting in front of your consumers is vital to your growth and success. But how can you make the most of your brand activations to ensure they are really hitting the mark with the right audience?

Going Beyond The Persona

The first step that the majority of companies take is to focus on the personas of their customers. This is a great way to hone in on who your consumers are and how to market your products to them. But going beyond this to engage with the individual user is much more powerful. It’s human nature to categorise people into various demographics – be it age, gender or race. But no one is a persona. We’re all individuals and when brands recognise and adapt their approach, the returns can be huge. 

Tapping Into Emotional Motivators

As human beings and marketers, it’s natural to pigeonhole the audience. Preconceived ideas of who the consumer is and how they will behave take over; influencing our decisions, consciously or not. A more rounded approach can be found in connecting with the emotional motivators that drive consumer behaviour, and the why behind their actions.

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As discussed in the article ‘The New Science of Customer Emotions’, there are hundreds of emotional motivators which drive consumer behaviour, one example taps into the desire we have to feel a sense of belonging and this can be used as a fundamental part of a brand activation to create a sense of inclusion for your audience. By utilising the skills of our Angels and Artists in tailored individual interactions, we can foster the perfect environment for your target market to connect with your brand on a deeper level.  

Theatrical Immersion

Consumers demand so much more from their buying experiences, expecting high quality events where they can connect with like-minded people from brands they trust. This is where our Artists come to life. Creating an immersive experience for consumers helps them connect with the brand on an emotional level. Our Artists are highly trained and skilled individuals who can bring drama, emotion and character-led activations to an event whilst connecting with each consumer on an individual level. This, combined with our skilled Brand event staff, creates a unique experience which brings life to your product and drives long-lasting brand loyalty. 

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More Than a Staffing Agency

Taking our 20 years of experience in the events industry and putting this knowledge and market insight into our training enables our Brand Angels to create personalised experiences relevant to your brand and customers. We invest a great deal in hand-picking the right people to work with us and select the staff members who fit with your company’s brand and values. We are much more than a staffing agency, we’re not the right company for mass market flyering campaigns, but we are the perfect fit for your educational and interactive brand activations.

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Next Level Activations

Ultimately, to create a successful activation, you need the right people. Through years of experience, rigorous recruitment and training we have the tools to match our people to your brand. By taking a more human approach to understanding people and their motivations, whilst combining it with our creative and production skills, we can connect with your audiences on a deeper level. This, in turn, drives long-lasting brand loyalty and, ultimately, increases the success of your activation

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