Wellness and Stress Management

Rebs at HEL's shares wellness tips


Wellness And Stress Management

In our new series of blogs, we asked each of our HQ team to write about something that matters to them. First up is Rebs, one of our Senior Account Execs, who talks us through her strategies for wellness and stress management in this fast paced industry:

“Over the last few years, wellness has become a top trend in the world of millennials. More than ever, young professionals are being encouraged to take care of their well-being and mental health, in exchange for better productivity and a happier soul. In a world of too much screen time, overstimulation, stress to ‘make it’ and worrying about the future of our planet, it is no wonder people are reaching burnout – but there are proven ways to improve your well-being and manage stress…


Scientific studies have shown that meditation can help reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness and lengthen your attention span (key to the busy work day!). Just 5 minutes of meditation a day can greatly improve your quality of life if done correctly, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune; free apps such as Mindfulness, Headspace or Calm all offer free guided meditation to get you into the ‘zen zone’.


Whether you are a slow-paced yoga or extreme HIIT fan, exercise in any form is an effective way to manage stress – as well as releasing endorphins in the brain, physical activity helps to relax the muscles and relieve tension in the body (helpguide).


As many young professionals find it hard to relax, self-nurturing activities can help remind us of the benefits of ‘me’ time in regard to improving our mental health. It may be that you enjoy taking a warm bath, going for a long walk, buying something new, cooking or doing something creative. It is important to give yourself time to enjoy the things you love. Follow the ‘Live Bold and Bloom’ guide to self-care ideas to get started.

Self-Help Books

Whether you want to learn how to manage stress, meditate or practise gratitude or well-being, there is a book for you. Self-help books can give you stress reducing practises that help you live in the present moment, feel grateful for what you have and not sweat the small stuff. It can also be classed as a self-care activity to take yourself out to bookshops and see what takes your fancy!

Listen to Music

Studies have shown that listening to music has an impact on the human stress response, particularly the autonomic nervous system, and those who listened to music following a stressor tended to recover more quickly (Very Well Mind, 2019). And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to plug in your headphones – music can also help improve your motivation and memory – useful for a day in the office!

What Does Wellness and Stress Management Mean For Me?

Working in the events industry can sometimes be stressful – working to deadlines, dealing with on-the-day issues and managing live events. Personally, if I begin to feel overwhelmed, I’ll put on my fave 80s playlist, take a few deep breaths or go for a quick walk to see more clearly! I’ll start my day with a run or class as it makes me feel good, helps manage my mental health and gives me energy for a busy day.  To wind down in the evenings I’ll watch a good film, play my piano or hang out with my fave pals. I’m still finding new things that work for me… and hopefully this blog can help others living the fast-paced (but amazing!) city life do the same.”


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