London Makes it Possible

Campaign Overview (An Experiential PR Stunt):

We brought 15 characters to life in this experiential PR stunt through precise casting and bespoke costume design to showcase all the professions and activities only made possible through insurance. 

Casting a talented team of Angels and utilising our strong creative and logistics skills, we were able to execute a successful campaign to raise awareness of the importance of London’s insurance market in a fun, accessible way whilst bringing a smile to the public’s face on the streets of the city. 

The Brief:

We were tasked with bringing the characters of the city to life to demonstrate the various economic, business and social activities that insurance makes possible. We needed to pull together a band of characters from astronauts and deep-sea divers to ballerinas, with authentic costume design and seamless execution to communicate the message to the public. 

The Activation:

What do an astronaut, a diver, and a jockey all have in common? All jokes aside, they are all professions or activities which need insurance to make them happen and through the London Makes it Possible campaign we were tasked with raising awareness on the streets of the city. 

The key to executing a successful campaign was getting the characters just right, authentic representations not caricatured. We set about building a team of Angels who fitted the look and personality of the characters before setting to work on designing and creating a set of 15 bespoke costumes

Over 3 days the team interacted with the public around the city’s insurance district and landmarks, bringing a sense of fun whilst communicating the important message was key. The reaction from the public was a pleasure to see and we generated great press coverage with one of the photos being selected for the Guardian’s favourite photos of the day.

We navigated logistics like locating a dry cleaner for space suits and finding a secure place to keep a 10ft Michelangelo’s David and managed the locations and timings for the team to create a memorable and successful campaign for the client.

Brand: The London Market Group

Client: McCann

Activity: Experiential PR Stunt

Provision: Actor casting, logistics & costume design

The Results:

HELs brand event with an astronaut and ballerinas
Hels Angels Lloyds of London2
Artists dressed

The Aspall Cider Meadow

Immersive Alcohol Activation


Multi-Festival Tour

Villa Maria

Villa Maria

Reese’s Ice Cream

Sampling Activation

Deliveroo’s Demonic Butchery & Pie Emporium

PR Stunt

Tiffany & Co. Ice Rink

Experiential & Sales Event

Blue Moon

Experiential Sampling Campaign

Ardbeg Wee Beastie Tour

PR Stunt & Photoshoot


In-Store Sampling Campaign

London Makes it Possible

PR Stunt

SSE Energisers

Branded venue sponsorship and customer reward scheme

Reese’s DJ Santa Dash

PR Stunt & Live Sampling Activation

The Casper House

Pop-up Showroom & Store

Singha Thai New Year

Immersive Dining Experience

Kraken Screamfest

On-Trade Sampling Campaign

Beats Above The Noise

Retail Activation

The Good Ship Benefit

Immersive Brand Experience

The Greatest Showman

Experiential Film Premier

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