Keep Britain Tidy – Experiential Media Launch

Campaign Overview:

Keep Britain Tidy needed an experiential media launch to highlight the UK’s litter problem.

HEL’s were tasked with the complete package from initial design to staffing and managing the event. This needed to create impact yet be easy and enjoyable to get people on board with ‘picking up litter’.

Our event staff and brand ambassadors had to be as engaging as ever to convince people they wanted to participate.

The Brief: 

Design, create and manage an interactive, eye-catching game to highlight a fun and engaging way of collecting litter and help the plight of Keep Britain tidy.

The Activation

The iconic London Eye was chosen as an event space. We built a crystal maze finale game where competition winners donated money to Keep Britain Tidy in return for their slot in the game. The game involved teams of people collecting rubbish inside a pod of the London Eye while a leaf blower blew the rubbish, making the whole process high energy and fun. [Check out some video footage of the event here]

The greatest challenge was creating an event on a moving platform. The London Eye doesn’t stop! This meant the build was particularly tricky as the timings for loading and unloading our kit had to be perfect.

The event management needed to be timed perfectly – as one group left, the next got on to a spotless carriage.

The health and safety elements of the event were extreme and we took great measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

HEL's Event staff inside glass pod on the London eye
One of the pods on the London Eye with people inside chasing glittery paper
An inside shot of a glass pod on the London Eye. People chasing litter that is being blown about.

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