The Good Ship Benefit

Campaign Overview (Immersive Brand Experience)

There are some brands who have the ability to constantly surprise and delight; and Benefit Cosmetics is one such brand. To celebrate a year of key product launches, they created The Good Ship Benefit, an immersive brand experience with a difference, where the character of the brand was not only celebrated but where consumers could take part in a full schedule of exciting events and activities over 5 months, all done with a sense of Benefit fun.

We were tasked with creating, scripting and casting a team of character staff to host the Ship for the duration of the activity.  The team had to not only have impeccable customer service skills and be able to talk about Benefits product range knowledgeably, but also be able to remain in character in order to entertain the target audience.

The character staff we created brilliantly brought the ship to life whilst linking all areas of the ship so that it made sense as an entire brand space. They came out to play each evening and linked all the areas of the Ship together with eccentric drama and fun welcoming energy.

By recognising how important character staff were to the success of this immersive brand experience, we were able to create a unique and engaging experience that guests would go home and talk to their friends or family about. This is what ultimately creates true brand fans.

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics

Client: The Persuaders

Activity: Immersive Brand Experience

Provision: Character staffing, recruitment, training, script writing, costumes and reporting

The Results:

  • Increased the footfall by 250%

  • 200+ individual activations per live day with each guest taken on their own journey of the ship

  • 3850 pieces of data capture

  • 356 staffing days over 99 live days

  • 100% staff compliance over 99 live days of activity

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