Deliveroo’s Demonic Butchery & Pie Emporium

Campaign Overview:

To raise hairs this Halloween, we set up shop at 60 Fleet Street – the old stomping ground of the sinister Sweeney Todd. Here, for this PR stunt, we made and delivered some spooky meat pies, created from meticulously-produced, edible ‘body parts.’

As part of this spine-chilling experiential marketing campaign, we also produced pies for Deliveroo Kitchens in London, Bristol and Manchester, to serve to customers for a limited time.

The Brief:

Our mission was to bring our client’s spooky vision to life, by creating hyper-realistic pies made from ‘body parts’, over Halloween.

The Activation (PR Stunt):

In true Halloween fashion, our Angels (or should we say ‘demons’?) put on their most ghoulish gab. In a throwback to the Sweeney Todd story, they invited customers to let out their best screams and pull their scariest faces.

Customers were then given the choice of three tasty pies – vegan, chicken and beef. And, in a veil of dry ice mist, the vending machine drawer opened, revealing gruesome props – from rats to wounded-hands and worms. Cooked by our team, hot pies were then delivered, garnished with severed fingers and eyeballs – the full works!

With our vast understanding of catering, we not only designed and made the delicious pies, but we also meticulously produced the grizzly human body-part props – for extra eek-factor! Our actors got into the ‘spirit’ of things, putting on spooky voices which immersed and entertained customers. With the right staffing and solid logistical support, we brought the whole pie-dea to life in a spooktacular fashion.

Brand: Deliveroo

Client: Tinker Tailor Trouble Maker

Activity: PR Stunt

Provision: Pie creation, traceability, H&S documents, logistics and event staffing.

The Results:

  • Development & production of realistic edible body parts, 500 pies and bespoke packaging.
  • 6 live days
  • 3 cities
  • 500 pies
HELs case study deliveroo meat pies shop body parts in jars
HELs case study deliveroo meat pies shop pie with finger
HELs case study deliveroo meat pies shop pie delivery

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