Blue Moon

Campaign Overview:
(An Experiential Sampling Campaign)

Blue Moon believes that enjoying a beer should never be monotonous and you should explore all the flavour life has to offer. It is artfully crafted in Denver using orange peel, coriander and oats and served garnished with an orange peel to enhance the drinking experience and heighten the citrus aroma.

After scouring high and low for the perfect vehicle we settled on a classic Citroen H van which was then beautifully designed and transformed into a mobile Blue Moon sampling unit. We needed something agile enough to pop up in city centre locations and city centre locations that would be willing to host us. With years of experience with often tricky councils, we managed to lock in all the necessary permissions and created a journey plan that maximised the reach of the Art of the City campaign whilst taking Blue Moon’s key existing stockists into consideration.

We worked with local artists in each location who created a unique live art installation using Blue Moon as their inspiration. Our fantastic team of experienced Brand Ambassadors sampled the beer to consumers and handed out oranges wrapped in a redeemable voucher against a full serve.

A campaign designed to celebrate all things craft.

Brand: Blue Moon

Client: Field Day London

Activity: Experiential Sampling Campaign

Provision: Production, licensing, logistics, event staffing and training

The Results:

  • 6 live days, 3 cities, 4 weeks

  • 5K samples distributed

  • 60% voucher redemption

HA BlueMoon Tate 0050
HA BlueMoon Tate 0109
Man serving blue moon beer at event

The Aspall Cider Meadow

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Villa Maria

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Blue Moon

Experiential Sampling Campaign

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PR Stunt & Photoshoot


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